How To Convert PSV To PCSX2 format

Download MyMcConverter: Click Here
This util allows you to import saves onto PCSX2 memory card images

Download PSV Exporter: Click Here
This utility allows you to export PS3 .psv save files out to a directory and normal files

Download PS2 Save Builder: Click Here
This utility allows you to export the save file to several Action Replay device type files

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Ok, heres the steps:

1. Download a save file off gamefaq - ( PS3 saves, i.e. .psv format and in my case i tested with FF12 european version )

2. Unzip that download to a directory

3. Use PSVExporter and "Open" one of the .psv files from step 2

4. Extract all files to a specified location

5. Use PS2 Save builder, drag and drop the 3( or more i dunno ) files extracted in step 4. 

6. IMPORTANT: Set the Root/ID to the directory in which the save games were located in Step 4, 
e.g. "BESLES-54354FF1222"

7. Select "File\Save As" in PS2 Save builder, give it a filename e.g. "FF12newsave" and save as format X-Port 2(*.xps)

8. Open "mymc-gui.exe" , select your PCSX2 memory card( in the memcards directory where you      installed PCSX2 ), select mcd001.ps2

9. Click import and select file from step 7. You should see the save icon on the right

10. Load up F12 or whatever, select the memory card and load and away you go